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Sailing Condition

The Afiartis area on Karpathos Island is characterized by the constant, strong wind during the summer and by safe sailing conditions for all levels. The three bays on the spot, named Paradise Bay, Gun Bay and Chicken Bay, are perfect locations for all windsurfing conditions. They all differ to some extend from another, yet they all offer plenty of space on the water and perfect sailing conditions.

In Gun Bay the high wind usually strengthens 4 to 8 beaufort during the months of June and September which makes it good for intermediate level upwards. This blows offshore from the beach, giving a flat water launch with chop increasing and a 1meter wind wave after 300 meter, making it suitable for both jumping novices and experts.

In Devils Bay, the wind is about 1-2 beaufort stronger than in Gun Bay and the perfectly flat water delivers superb blasting conditions. In Chicken Bay the wind also blows cross offshore but with 1-2 beaufort less force. Chicken Bay is ideal for beginners with an 80m wide shallow water area but also has a speed track. Numerous windsurfers who have found this spot, go back year after year, to benefit from the extreme conditions almost assured here. A perfect destination for those who like hardcore conditions and somewhere to relax at the end of each day.

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