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In the southeast part the capital and main port of the island is located beside a rocky hill, known as Karpathos or Pigadia whose name comes from the many wells that existed in the region. It is a relatively new city with about 2000 inhabitants and It is built in the same place as the ancient town Potideo. Pigadia is a modern state and the buildings do not follow any traditional architecture nonetheless the harbor and the marina with its colorful boats ensure a happy first impression. Touring around the town visitors will meet beautiful pictures that combine the island tradition with modern comforts.

Among the important sites are the remains of paleochristianic basilica of Saint Fotini on the coastal road. Cave of Posidon one of Karpathos natural sites is located in location Mili, carved into rock temple was dedicated to Poseidon or Aphrodite.

Pigadia extended clean beaches attracts many visitors in the summer who can enjoy swimming with all the modern comforts. Visitors can approach other isolated beaches, closed gulfs and ports by car or by boat from the main harbor.

The capital is the most organized tourist region in the island with hotels and rooms to let and as the sun goes down there are a lot of bars and clubs that will entertain visitors until next morning.
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Only a few kilometers away from Karpathos capital the deep blue waters and fine pebbles compose the image of Agate. The beach has a canteen, umbrellas and sun beds but the trees and the caves in and out of the same create magical place.
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One of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean sea and many times awarded. The water is emerald and deepen from a point onwards. The beach is covered with sand and small pebbles. There are umbrellas, deck chairs and a tavern.
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The beach is located at the area of Pyles and although a little further there are two restaurants the Beach is completely deserted. The sea waters are a deep blue while the land is beach by the pebble. Above the beach is a magnificent forest and the canyon Flaskia that connects the beach with the highest mountain in Karpathos, the mountain of Lastos.
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Beach of pebbles and sand and many sea trees around. Located beneath the chapel of Saint George next to Finiki and has no beds or umbrellas.
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An unorganized small beach with yellow sand and clear blue waters that do not offer or chairs or umbrellas. It is located close to Finiki and it is perfect for those who want to stay from crowded beaches.
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An organized beach located in the village of Arkasa. The beach is suitable for families as there is showers, restaurant, sun beds, umbrellas and Beach volley. The waters are shallow and the beach is covered with golden sand.
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It is located in Afiartis and its one more stop for many experienced surfers. The beach has shallow turquoise waters and white sand. Although it is not very crowded beach there is a cantina and offers a great view of Kasos Island.
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It is located in and it’s emerald shallow waters and the white sand compose an exotic beach. A strip of sand and rock separates the pure sand beach in two, forming a small peninsula. The difficult journey, the few umbrellas and chairs and the double beach form a unique landscape.
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It is located in Afiartis area and the beach is full of sand, stretching over one kilometer. There are no sun beds and umbrellas on the beach.
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