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Windsurfing in Karpathos

While Karpathos has kept its original Greek character it offers world class windsurfing conditions and beautiful weather. Additionally it offers a variety of alternative activities for all tastes. Karpathos island has an international airport which serves for flights from Germany, Holland, Austria Scandinavia, Israel and etc.

The area of Afiartis, located in the southern part of the island is considered the most famous, advantageous and appropriate region worldwide for the sport of windsurfing. The wind direction, the speed and the constant strength throughout the summer in conjunction with the unique topography of the site makes Karpathos and ideal place for the development of sport.Superb action on the water, combined with an interactive and exciting life experience. Besides being a sport of radical action, windsurfing is a way of life. This type of life is formed by several elements to which many aspire, but that few can really achieve.

Karpathos has organized the World Speed Cup by ISWC for three times hosting the world‘s fastest men and women in the speed windsurfing scene.

The beaches that are considered among the best for windsurfing are: Vatha, Punta Nikolaki, Valias, Makris Gialos and Agrilaopotamos. They feature strong winds (6-8 beaufort), deep emerald waters without waves, extensive beaches and warm weather with sunny skies. The area of Afiartis consists of three bays each featuring different characteristics and difficulties serving the individual needs and abilities of each visitor.

The Afiartis area on Karpathos Island is characterized by the constant, strong wind during the summer and by safe sailing conditions for all levels. The three bays on the spot, named Paradise Bay, Gun Bay and Chicken Bay, are perfect locations for all windsurfing conditions. They all differ to some…
Markis Gialos aka Chicken Bay Wind: average 3-6 beaufort Level: 1-6 Beach: Sand Makris Gialos beach or Chicken Bay in Afiartis is ideal for the needs of families and children. The sandy beach with shallow waters are perfect for beginners. The more experienced can surf through a channel into the…

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