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Displaying items by tag: chicken bay

Markis Gialos aka Chicken Bay

Wind: average 3-6 beaufort

Level: 1-6

Beach: Sand

Makris Gialos beach or Chicken Bay in Afiartis is ideal for the needs of families and children. The sandy beach with shallow waters are perfect for beginners. The more experienced can surf through a channel into the next bay, Gun Bay or further on into Paradise Bay. There they will find a wind swell of up to 1m and slightly stronger winds.
Devil’s Bay

Wind: average 4-6 beaufort

Level: 2-6

Beach: small pebbles

Devils Bay, the wind is about 1-2 beaufort stronger than in Gun Bay and the perfectly flat water delivers superb blasting conditions. In Chicken Bay the wind also blows cross offshore but with 1-2 beaufort less force. Chicken Bay is ideal for beginners, freestylers with an 80m wide shallow water area but also has a speed track. Numerous windsurfers who have found this spot, go back year after year, to benefit from the extreme conditions almost assured here. A perfect destination for those who like hardcore conditions and somewhere to relax at the end of each day.
Gun Bay

Wind: average 5-7 beaufort

Level: 2-6

Beach: small pebbles

During the summer months in the Bay Devil Afiartis prevailing winds are usually steady rate of 5-7 beaufort water temperature at 24 degrees Celsius. In July and August winds can overwhelm and 7 Beaufort. The water level near the coast much easier to maneuver and you will notice improvement of your skills within a few days.

If you want to escape the water level and find small waves to practice jumps and you need only go a few hundred meters from the shore. If you prefer to try the speed limits you just stay close to shore and you'll get perfectly level water to surf faster than ever. Karpathos is the winds are other promising areas. This is the place that you have mastered the maneuvers in the warm waters levels.

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